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How it all came about

After owning a classic 1966 Mustang coupe for about 10 years, I began to want more.  Specifically a car without a top.  After looking at convertible mustangs, I came across the Shelby Cobra and fell in love.  I had to have one.  Many years later I realized my dream and purchased my very own roadster.  We wanted an original looking car but we also wanted one that stood out from the pack.  Our car was hand built by a true craftsman who was able to take the classic styling and made it his own.  He improved upon the lines and the styling of the original to create a car that to build a car that does stand out with its muscular stance.  Now the next chapter is being written.  In 2009, the first Pacific Roadster Racecar was built and competed on the track.

1965 Pacific Roadster Racecar

Authentic 90 Inch Roadster Wheelbase               15" Diamond Racing Wheels

SCCA Approved Roll Cage                                  8" and 10" Goodyear Short Track Specials

Fuel Safe Fuel Cell                                            On-board fire system

5.0 Ford Engine                                                 T-5 Manual Transmission


What about the racing?

Less than 2 weeks after having my car, I took it out on the race track with the local Shelby club.  What a RUSH.  I was hooked right then.  I wanted to do this more.  Over the past 3 years, I have been refining my driving skills with many laps around the track in my personal car.  In 2007, I started the licensing process, now with a competitive racing license, we are racing the car in the local Pacific Northwest.

2013 Sponsors

Pacific Roadster


Yes, for a select few we will be accepting sponsorships applications this spring / summer.  If you are interested, contact us and get your information in quickly.  We will only be taking a few sponsors so that they get the best visibility possible.   Click here for more information.



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